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National and Global Church & Outreach Marketing Consulting

For over 30 years, G.A.P Ministries & Marketing, has been committed to helping many Christian leaders, churches, ministries and organizations learn and utilize effective church growth and outreach marketing skills to reach hundreds of millions of people for Jesus Christ throughout the United States and worldwide.

G.A.P Ministries & Marketing has spearheaded marketing, outreach and fundraising projects for organizations, such as the Barna Research Group and promotion of Mel Gibson's major movie, "The Passion of the Christ" (which made over $600 million dollars worldwide). 

​G.A.P Ministries & Marketing focuses on providing National and Global Church Growth & Outreach Marketing Consulting; as well as planning, marketing and implementing fundraising events and projects to help Christian leaders, pastors, ministers, churches, non-profit and for-profit organizations and individuals around the world to achieve God's goals and reach more people for Jesus Christ.

Contact Information:
Kim Wilson
Email: kimwilson125@att.net
Phone or Text: (678) 491-8583